I spent the last three weeks learning how to sky dive and got my A license, a ticket for me to jump out of planes around the world - and loved it! A

High Altitude Mountaineering 101

Having spent three months in Quito at 2.8K m above sea level, I got intrigued about climbing high altitude mountains, above 4K m. The first week, I climbed Pinchincha, 10 miles from


Notes from Free diving 101 I went for a basic free diving course in Tulamben, Bali and these were the quick notes from the three days of intensive diving. " target="_blank"> Two section

On Vipassana

I just spent 10 days in a Vipassana near Ubud in Landih Ashram, which is amidst the mountains near the Kintamani Agung, mountiain that’s around 2000m high, the weather is around 25*