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Exploring Hood.ie

I tried Hood.ie today. Hoodie is a front end JS framework for you to quickly prototype web apps. Much like Meteor.JS but without any backend services that you have configure. They do have their own data-sync, user management and email backend services that you use out of the box via hoodie function call.

Hood.ie thinks all data as user data, so they have a CouchDB instance to persist data for users. However, they have shared data for the public called global public shares and shared data between users called private user sharing.

Hoodie UI Hoodie Backend UI

What will make Hood.ie usable is their plugins, which I hope it grows and ofcourse hosting on hood.ie itself.

CouchDB Cookie Authentication | Off topic

I was curious as to how authenticated requests are made to CouchDB via jQuery. The requests should be HTTPS request and I guess Hood.ie hosting should be configured with SSL.

A signup or login request is made to the CouchDB _session API via a POST request, the response of which has a Token that is valid for X minutes, which can be used for further authenticated requests.

All passwords in CouchDB are salted.