👋 I am Gaurav - I am a product manager, software engineer by day and build indie side projects that keep me up at night. I love being out to experiencing nature, be it swimming in the oceans, hiking/running on trails or (sounds crazy) jumping off planes.

I have a startup mindset, think global, work well in diverse & multicultural teams & driven by curiosity to understand the whys. I have previously lived and worked in New York City, Stockholm, Singapore & Bangalore and have been around Latin America (Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Colombia) as a digital nomad from 2016 to 2018.

I built a company called Merchii in '13 in Stockholm, Sweden which brought users inspiration and buying/commerce together by giving publishers a tool to tag their fashion images with products; we sold the company to a media startup in New York in '14.

I am excited about building innovative sustainable SAAS tools that have a real world impact and solve a meaningful problem having a solid business model (sounds cliche though often taking for granted given the inflation crisis ~2022)

I love learning new things, be it dance, music, sports and travel the world to experience different cultures with a focus on listening to perspectives that I don't necessarily agree with.

Having grown up in a musical family and hence play the cajon and the tabla, perform once in a while.

To understand any culture, I believe its important to learn the language people speak;I speak fluent Spanish, basic Swedish and I am learning conversational French.

I am adventurous - solo skydive, scuba, freedive, surf, take ice baths, swim run etc; I used to be a competitive swimmer as a kid; and start my day with an espresso macchiato.

Oh, check what I am upto now and LinkedIn