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Advanced Freediving

Notes from Free diving 101

I went for a basic free diving course in Tulamben, Bali and these were the quick notes from the three days of intensive diving.

Two section breathing

a) Fill the base of your stomach first
b) Then go after the lungs

Have normal breaths or flashes to compensate for the lack of oxygen.

Two types of Freediving

a) Free immersion - you go with the line
b) Constant weight- you go with the flippers

Keep equalising and specifically for me - I need to equalise more in the first few meters.

Keep your self relaxed. Your body is asking you to breathe, but if you keep your muscles relaxed and mind calm you last longer.

Its good to take your time and relax yourself before you go in. No rush and no need to talk. Just focus on your self. Close your eyes.

Never exhale before reaching the surface, you need the air for equalization.

  1. Valsalva - Force air from the lungs, natural. Takes more energy
  2. Frenzel - No effort from diaphragm
    Push air with the back of tongue against palette.


Safety mechanisms
For Blackout, BTT - Blow, Tap, Talk
Go and wait at around 10m for the fellow diver to come

My lessons

Mind over matter

Don’t hyperventilate.

When you think you are going to panic, take a second, observe and relax. Its like meditation.
Its not about going deeper, its about getting the technique right.

  1. Kapalabhathi - Skull breathing
  2. Samavritti - Square breathing,
  3. Uddiyana Bandha - To help the movement for the diaphragm

Course PDF: http://d.cggaurav.net/FZ6B