What I'm doing now

Update January 15 2018:

Happy New Year. In Mexico City from February to April 10th and then the Central America and the Caribbeans till mid 2018 in general.

  1. Currently working with Markable.AI remotely. We identify products in images using machine learning and I am focussing on scaling our machine learning services.
  2. Learning conversational Spanish 2 hours a week online with Edith at Simon Bolivar Academy so I can complete DELE B2.
  3. Building Flightmode, a thoughtful media app that is factful, brings you a different point of view. Not more than 3 articles a day.
  4. Building bootstrapped side projects that either find profitably within 3 months or die.
  5. Spending the weekends in the mountains, hiking or jumping out of planes.

Who am I?

This page is inspired by @sivers idea on keeping your priorities lean and having a now page for it.