What I'm doing now

Update May 1 2017:

I am on long term digital nomad experience in South America; currently in Lima, Peru for May, probably Cusco in June.

  1. Reading How we will eventually solve the energy crisis
  2. Building Flightmode, a thoughtful media app that is factful, brings you a different point of view. Not more than 3 articles a day.
  3. Learning conversational Spanish 4 hours a week each.
  4. Learning salsa for a couple of hours in a week.
  5. Consulting, freelancing for companies, part time doing remote development work. Learn more about the challenges and opportunity of remote working and how sustainable it can be. Currently working with Markable
  6. Building monthly paid products for unique niches. See Products & Services, currently working on GratefulDiary
  7. Spending the weekends in the mountains, skiing or hiking.

Who am I?

This page is inspired by @sivers idea on keeping your priorities lean and having a now page for it.