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Being a *real* person

Often, I find myself at events with people who come from diverse backgrounds and varied interests. Its fascinating to meet an architect, a painter, a musician, a technologist, an entrepreneur, a social-worker, a CEO, a lawyer, amongst others, in the same room! People, not so different from you, but yet people you’ll always have things to learn from.

When I meet such people, it is essential to keep things real. By real, if you are in it to sell your product, or to make money, or to market your company, you are not taking away as much, in just meeting your agenda. I believe, there is a value in personal connections, and that each of these different people could be your friend first before anything else. I have made it a point to follow these principles to have a lively, engaging conversation that will go a long way.

  • Be authentic.
  • Listen intently. Be curious about what the other person has to tell you. Next, ask relevant questions!
  • Admit your weaknesses, and do it genuinely and seamlessly. I have learned that this is a great ice-breaker, and forges a real connection. Admitting your weakness, it indeed a strength.
  • Offer help where you can.
  • The conversation is never about the whos of the world you know.