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Mexico Part 3: Merida and the beauty of the Yucatan Peninsula

As a long part series of documenting my last couple of years as a digital nomad in Latin America, I am working back. I spent close to a year in Mexico and divided my time between the Sayulita (West), Mexico City (Central) and Merida (East).

Merida is not necessarily known to the digital nomad community though I decided to take a bet and spend two months (2018 end) because I wanted to spend time in the Atlantic coast and go to the gazillion cenotes and scuba dive. Interestingly, even though I would have loved to spend a few months in Tulum, the internet connectivity is known to be poor and coworking spots below par.

Merida overall proved to be tranquil and was my most peaceful stays overall. There aren't as many tourists, and if they do come by, they are passing by on their way to DF or drive through other parts of the peninsula, a local experience.

Work Center Merida is the WeWork of Merida and the folks set me up with a dedicated desk and I came across nomads from Belize, Chile and the US.

The weather is warm thoughout the year, a bit of rain and the beaches (Progreso) nearby made it overall pleasant.

Food in Merida


Chaya Maya
  1. Chaya Maya Classic Yucatecan food, reserve before and was a go to once a week with the coworking community
  2. El Apapacho = loved the mole.
  3. Impala for old timers and all breakfasts there that the folks there started treating me like family.
  4. La Negrita for salsa nights and mezcal.
  5. Kuuk
  6. Numen decent vegan place I could find.
  7. Casa Chica for pre drinks before La Negrita

What? (All of them have queso, crema, frijoles..., same same but different). Tl is pronounced "thela"

1. Tlacoyo
2. Tacos de Cochinita Pibil (pulled pork) = classic
3. Tlayuda
4. Panucho =loved this
5. Salbute
Which one would this be?
Playa Del Carmen and Tulum
  1. Don't spend any time in Cancun unless you are a freshman on a spring break.
  2. PDC felt like a bustling town and specifically because of sargassum the beaches aren't that great to hang out. More of a pass through to Tulum, which is where you should stay.
  3. Spend as much time in different and beautiful cenotes. Go cave diving or snorkeling.

Cenote Ikkil

Cenote Ikkil
Scuba diving in Dos Ojos

Tulum is beautiful by the coast with amazing restaurants, resorts and boutique shops. You'll need a car though and be warned, you'll meet a lot of Brooklyn hipsters on their holiday.

  1. Don't come back without going to Teotihuacan, the Mayan pyramids.
  1. Spend a day in Cozumel and drive around a Cuban....
Restaurants in Tulum
  1. Gitano Convenient as it was next to where the parties where.
  2. Hartwood Classic and exquisite
  3. Mateos
  4. La Hoja Verde Great vegan place we went for breakfast
  5. Azulik Lovely treehouse dinner

The ocean in cozumel...

And the ocean in Cozumel
Snorkeling and scuba in Gran cenote