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Slow Carb Diet, Lean Gains

The slow-carb diet is fairly simple and can be summarized in the following five rules:

1. Avoid white carbohydrates or anything that can be white.

2. Eat the same meals over and over again.

3. Don’t drink calories.

4. Don’t eat fruit.

5. Take one day off per week and go nuts.This means no bread, no rice, no pasta, and no potatoes.

I’m amazed by how much of these I must’ve been eating in the past. Every meal I can think of includes one of them! Therefore, to compose meals, I’ve been replacing these carbs with more vegetables and legumes for slow carbs and more protein.The meal that has changed the most is breakfast. Swedish breakfast is usually composed of bread and various types of dairy products, both which are to be avoided when following the slow-carb diet. For the last two and a half weeks, my standard breakfast has become three scrambled eggs seasoned with salt, black pepper, and tarragon together with organic lentils with a dash of lemon juice.

The “Take one day off per week and go nuts”-rule makes it easy to avoid eating unhealthy things during the other days, since I know I’ll be allowed to have it on my day off.

Rule #1: Avoid “white” starchy carbohydrates (or those that can be white). This means all bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and grains. If you have to ask, don’t eat it.

Rule #2: Eat the same few meals over and over again, especially for breakfast and lunch. You already do this; you’re just picking new default meals.

Rule #3: Don’t drink calories. Exception: 1-2 glasses of dry red wine per night is allowed.

Rule #4: Don’t eat fruit. (Fructose –> glycerol phosphate –> more bodyfat, more or less.) Avocado and tomatoes are excepted.

Rule #5: Take one day off per week and go nuts. I choose and recommend Saturday.