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Effective ways to learn Spanish

This is a guide for different ways I am learning Spanish. 5 = highly useful.

  1. Apps
    1. Google Translate Offline 5
    2. Word Reference 5
      1. I keep going back to this because it gives you all different forms of a verb, all tenses.
    3. Anki (Anki Droid) 4
      1. Download the 1000 most used phrases and the 500 most useful verbs. Keep playing. Helped me a lot
    4. Duolingo 3
    5. Lingvist 3 https://lingvist.com/
      1. Their promise is for you learn the language in 100 hours. I am curious what you have to say.
    6. Linguee 4
      1. This is on the top of my list because it helps me learn phrases, sayings etc and also keep local to every country.
    7. Memrise 3
  2. Podcast
    1. I use Pocket Cast for Podcasts and save them offline. I am currently trying
      1. LightSpeed Spanish Intermediary and its nice once in a while.
  3. Social
    1. Language specific events 1. Quickly becomes about partying. Time effective wise.
    2. Teacher online. I suggest getting a teacher online and paying for it.
    3. Friends who understand both languages well and can help you learn faster. Sit with them.
  4. Post its
    1. If you are spending a considerable amount of time > 3 weeks anywhere, get post its and start sticking it into things with what they are. I had one on my toilet (Baños)
      1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/50dju6ciqxebjya/Post%20Its.jpeg?dl=0
  5. Rules / Cheat sheet
    1. This is what I had on my mirror.
      1. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/753l8pbn5wo64y8/AADlFL5Kkz_QuQ9osuBo8Qu7a?dl=0
  6. Grammar
    1. So the grammar I keep going back to ( I have made this note on Evernote ). Feel free to look into it. The first half are words that I am currently learning, and once I feel I have learned it, I keep erasing.
      1. Spanish Rules + Words
    2. Lists
      1. Separately I have lists for verbs, vegetables, feelings, body parts, professions, etc that I keep going back to when offline.
  7. A word a day Newsletter