Services & Products

A list of all services that I am actively run and maintain. These are generally paid and solve a real world problem.

Dead or Stale
  • ReturnFlights to help you book a flight itinerary or a flight reservation which is not a flight ticket for visa and immigration purposes instantly, legally and economically. [Retired 2017 - as I felt this is not sustainable]
Alive or upcoming
  • Flightmode was a three member project to revive journalism by suggesting 3 thoughtful articles that is not fakenews, clickbait etc. We released an iOS app and continue to bootstrap this project to take it more towards noise free media.

  • GratefulDiary, a diary to write down what you are grateful for, often and forever. Via email and growing :)

  • Email Your Future Self, remind yourself what is important by sending yourself an email to your future you!