A list of all the projects that I worked on, first being the latest.

  • Run Makerlab with maker friends to encourage the DIY hardware movement at Makerspark on Monday evenings.

  • Teach a workshop on how we can be more present and present using technology, design calming interfaces and how calm and technology can coexist. Learnings are posted on Calming Design.

  • Dollar A Day was a non profit to donate a dollar a day to a nonprofit we pick. Volunteered to help the build the site along with a few folks from Kickstarter in New York.

  • Proposales reinventing business proposals. Built APIs and features in the front end with Angular/Node.

  • Lingio - Lingio brings Word Fued and Duolingo together - learning languages by challenging friends to quized. I help build the chart interface and help ongoing with tech, unstructured.

  • - Make exquisite cadavers with different people. An art project with @raghavakk to understanding multiple perspectives of self identity.

  • Samplrr A Spotify app to help you discover remixes, covers and samples of songs.

  • Meditate The simplest Android Meditation app you can find.

  • Juicydrop/Milkshake Brought winamp like visualizations as a Spotify app.

  • Startup Manifesto to feel why you started the company in the first place. From 2011.

  • Want to be more productive? ;)

  1. Existential Philosophy of Soren Kierkegaard in the University of Copenhagen, Summer 2011. The analytical philosophy of Boredom

  2. Using WebRTC Audio and Data Channels on Chrome Experimental to see if remote jamming was possible, Summer 2013, National University of Singapore. Syncing audio control data with audio streams using webRTC on the browser