Trying Ghost

Update: Ghost is now Public | Docker-Nginx-Ghost is for you to get started with Ghost on Docker/Digital Ocean

Thanks to Daniel Marklund, I got to try Ghost. Ghost predominanlty focussed on publishing and is pretty customizable. The stack is Node with express as the web application framework, polyglot for i18n, knex to build queries for sqlite3, bookshelf for ORM and compiles SASS to CSS.

What I love about Ghost is that you use Markdown for publishing and you can get a easy to understand UI in the backend. About how it can scale, we don’t know yet but I am excited about how companies can use Ghost for their blogs or if companies depend on creating a blogging network, how they can fork Ghost. Not a replacement for Tumblr but a better use case for publishers and content creators.

Just like Tumblr, Ghost is creating a Marketplace for themes and more importantly publishing tools which we are yet to see how things are going to shape up.

New Post UI Often I get stuck with Markdown so I liked this while I published my first blogpost. Markdown Help

I am on Ghost version 0.3.1-13