Spotify AlbumArt

Visualizing an Artist Album Art The content/images that turn out as album art are creative and as a small hack, I spent some time looking at how you can get an artist

Chrome Apps=Desktop Apps

The new Chrome apps are versatile and remove the distinction between what a native desktop app can do vs what a web app can do. Chrome apps or Chrome extensions are written in

Symmetric Design | PaperJS

I have been fascinated lately by symmetric design which have a heavy touch of minimalism in them. I believe that to explore symmetry, we need to be able to see multiple perspectives of


I tried today. Hoodie is a front end JS framework for you to quickly prototype web apps. Much like Meteor.JS but without any backend services that you have configure. They

Trying Ghost

Update: Ghost is now Public | Docker-Nginx-Ghost is for you to get started with Ghost on Docker/Digital Ocean Thanks to Daniel Marklund, I got to try Ghost. Ghost predominanlty focussed on publishing and

Using Amazon S3 as an API Backend

Most of today’s web applications depend on a backend API, that gets the request from the client, queries a database or a proxy cache, massages the data in the in a format

Error Tracking With Opbeat

Opbeat is a simple and elegant deployment/error tracking solution for your webapps. We are using a backend NodeJS + Socket.IO app to handle data pushes to a client. Here we have tons

Solving CORS Issues Like a Racoon

- What is window.postMessage? Its an HTML5 spec where one window can communicate with another window if other frames or iframes within the sender document’s window - windows the sender document