Scuba Diving 101

Scuba Diving at the Libery Ship Wreck in Tulamben Bali as I take on a challenge and go on a night dive too!

Spotify AlbumArt

Visualizing an Artist Album Art The content/images that turn out as album art are creative and as a small hack, I spent some time looking at how you can get an artist

LearningDiary: Rapid Prototyping

This weekend, I took the time to build a service to keep track of your learning. People today are not looking for another tool to solve their problems unless it solves a genuine

Chrome Apps=Desktop Apps

The new Chrome apps are versatile and remove the distinction between what a native desktop app can do vs what a web app can do. Chrome apps or Chrome extensions are written in

Symmetric Design | PaperJS

I have been fascinated lately by symmetric design which have a heavy touch of minimalism in them. I believe that to explore symmetry, we need to be able to see multiple perspectives of