On Remote Working and being a Digital Nomad

Why Digital Nomad/Remote Working Lifestyle? How people work is changing and with advancing technology, location is becoming less important. People are looking at alternative lifestyles, challenging status quo to work better and

Scuba Diving 101

Scuba Diving at the Libery Ship Wreck in Tulamben Bali as I take on a challenge and go on a night dive too!

Spotify AlbumArt

Visualizing an Artist Album Art The content/images that turn out as album art are creative and as a small hack, I spent some time looking at how you can get an artist

LearningDiary: Rapid Prototyping

This weekend, I took the time to build a service to keep track of your learning. People today are not looking for another tool to solve their problems unless it solves a genuine

Chrome Apps=Desktop Apps

The new Chrome apps are versatile and remove the distinction between what a native desktop app can do vs what a web app can do. Chrome apps or Chrome extensions are written in